Welcome to Purzue Care

Where Care Meets Companionship

At Purzue Care, we understand that providing care for your loved ones is a top priority. We are dedicated to offering a safe and nurturing environment for seniors and adults who need extra support and companionship during the day.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to enhance the quality of life for our clients and their families. We believe that every individual deserves to live life to the fullest, regardless of age or physical limitations.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional and Compassionate Staff: Our team consists of highly trained professionals who are not only experts in senior care but also genuinely care about the well-being of each client.
  • Engaging Activities: We offer a wide range of activities and programs designed to stimulate the mind, encourage physical activity, and foster social interaction. From art classes to group outings, there’s always something exciting happening at our center.
  • Nutritious Meals: Our nutritionists prepare delicious and balanced meals that cater to dietary needs and preferences, ensuring that every client enjoys a satisfying dining experience.
  • Safe and Supportive Environment: Safety is our top priority. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art security measures to keep our clients secure and comfortable.

Services We Offer

  • Day Care Services: We provide daytime care and supervision for adults and seniors, allowing family caregivers to have peace of mind while they work or take a break.
  • Personal Care: Our staff assists with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, ensuring that each client’s individual needs are met.
  • Transportation: We offer convenient transportation options to and from our center, making it easy for clients to join us for a day of activities and companionship.
  • Respite Care: Caregivers often need a break, and we’re here to provide temporary relief, allowing them to recharge while knowing their loved ones are in capable hands.

Join Our Community

At Purzue Care, we’re more than just a daycare center; we’re a close-knit community that values each member. We invite you to schedule a tour and experience the warmth and care we provide firsthand. Whether you’re looking for a trusted place for your loved one or just curious about what we offer, we’re here to answer your questions and welcome you with open arms.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can make a positive difference in the lives of your loved ones and your family. Together, we can ensure that every day is a day to cherish.